Let´s keep everyone aboard

Let´s keep everyone aboard

I am nominated in municipality election in Vantaa. My voting numer in this election is 2.

A better Vantaa is made together. My Vantaa is an international and tolerant city in the future. For that reason it is important to keep everyone aboard.

Let’s renew Vantaa schools as a goal to make them the best schools in Finland.

When developing Vantaa, we should do it with a respect of the nature.

Let´s secure humane services with a healthy economic. Less leaders and more workers to secure high quality public services

Support the employment of young people. No youngster should be left alone.

The elderly have the right to age with diginity. Let’s have more time and workers to care the elderly.

Vote. It is easy. All you need is your identification card or passport with you. You can find the election points in Vantaa from this link:

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